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We love the thrill of the gamble, and offer our clients the option of "flipping" for 25% of the bill. What this means is, if our total bill to you is €82,600.00 - we offer our clients the option of "gambling" a 50/50 shot in your casino environment for €20,650.00 with you keeping the house edge! In short: we would put €20,650.00 on black or red (in practice, we always bet black!) on the roulette wheel, or bet €20,650.00 on the "Player" in Baccarat. It's that simple. If we lose, we take €20,650.00 off the bill. If we win, we add €20,650.00 to the bill.

In short, we're giving you a little house edge on 25% of our bill. You've got to gamble to win!

Pokerhandel, Belgium's #1 Poker Store

Pokerhandel, Belgium's #1 Poker Store


Baccarat is a game that most people associate with wealthy gamblers. In fact the only reason that most people know about it all is because it is the game that James Bond plays. Interestingly for such a high brow game it is actually very easy to play.

For all the myths that surround baccarat as a game for the wealthy it is actually quite a simple game to play. It is a game played with cards in which hands are compared to your opponents. In the version that is played in MGM Grand baccarat the casino it is played between the house and the player with the highest hand winning. One of the unique features of baccarat is that only one player actually plays a hand against the dealer, all of the other players are betting on what the player of the hand does.

The goal in baccarat is to get as close to nine as you can. The only number that is counted is the one to the furthest right so a ten would actually count as a zero. Players are dealt two cards and if those cards add up to a value that ends in nine they win automatically. If not the player has the option of drawing a third card. While going over nine is not a problem the new card can end up giving you a lower hand. For example if your first two cards add up to sixteen you are on a six if you draw another card and get a seven you will have a total of twenty three which means that your hand has been reduced to a three.

The dealer has a set of rules that he must follow when it comes to whether or not he takes an additional card. This is based both on the cards that he has and what the player does. While there are no rules about what the player must do there are some guidelines that are expected to be followed. This is because the player making the decisions is also making the decisions for the other players at the table. In general if the player has hand of five or less he will take another card if his hand is higher than this he will stand.

As soon as you start playing baccarat you will notice that the game is very much like blackjack only a lot simpler. This is in fact one of the appeals of the game, it is in fact a very easy game to play. That being said the game is normally played by wealthy players and therefore the stakes can be very high. There are not a lot of baccarat tables in most casinos but the ones that are there can have a huge impact on how much the casino makes or loses each night because of the enormous stakes.