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We love the thrill of the gamble, and offer our clients the option of "flipping" for 25% of the bill. What this means is, if our total bill to you is €82,600.00 - we offer our clients the option of "gambling" a 50/50 shot in your casino environment for €20,650.00 with you keeping the house edge! In short: we would put €20,650.00 on black or red (in practice, we always bet black!) on the roulette wheel, or bet €20,650.00 on the "Player" in Baccarat. It's that simple. If we lose, we take €20,650.00 off the bill. If we win, we add €20,650.00 to the bill.

In short, we're giving you a little house edge on 25% of our bill. You've got to gamble to win!

Pokerhandel, Belgium's #1 Poker Store

Pokerhandel, Belgium's #1 Poker Store


Keno is a popular form of gambling that has been in wide use for a long time now. The game itself is quite simple and there is no real strategy involved which is a big part of what makes it so popular. Even inexperienced gamblers can play the game and have the same chance of winning as even the most experienced of players.

Keno is a game that most people will have come across at some point in time their lives. While it is played in many casinos most people are familiar with the game as it is widely used in lotteries. This the game that you will have numbers being drawn on a television screen when you walk into most stores that sell lottery tickets. The game itself is quite simple as it is little more than picking numbers which are drawn at random.

In order to play keno you will be given a card with eighty numbers on them. You will then select twenty numbers on your card. You will mark these numbers following the instructions on the card. If you are in a casino a caller will draw balls out of a machine, each ball will have a number on it. If you are playing a lottery version a computer will randomly select the numbers and display them on screen. In total there will be twenty numbers selected, the more of these that match the twenty numbers that you selected the better you will do.

In order to determine how you did when you play keno you will need to look at the pay tables, these will tell you how much you get paid based on how many numbers that you matched. The odds of actually matching all twenty are astronomically low so the payout for this is usually quite high. Since the chances of winning the big prize are so small it is better to focus on what you can win with the smaller numbers of matches as these are much more likely to occur.

The pay tables for each game of keno can vary dramatically from one game to another. This is important to understand as it has a huge impact on the odds. Depending on the pay tables in use the house edge can be quite small, as little as one or two percent making it one of the better bets in the casino. In other cases the house edge can be more than thirty percent which makes it one of the worst bets in the casino. Since it can be hard to tell what the odds are based on the pay tables alone it is best to find out what the house edge is for the game that you are planning to play. This is something that the casino is required to tell you if you ask.