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The AOKI way...

We love the thrill of the gamble, and offer our clients the option of "flipping" for 25% of the bill. What this means is, if our total bill to you is €82,600.00 - we offer our clients the option of "gambling" a 50/50 shot in your casino environment for €20,650.00 with you keeping the house edge! In short: we would put €20,650.00 on black or red (in practice, we always bet black!) on the roulette wheel, or bet €20,650.00 on the "Player" in Baccarat. It's that simple. If we lose, we take €20,650.00 off the bill. If we win, we add €20,650.00 to the bill.

In short, we're giving you a little house edge on 25% of our bill. You've got to gamble to win!

Pokerhandel, Belgium's #1 Poker Store

Pokerhandel, Belgium's #1 Poker Store

Our Services

Anything related to the gaming industry, we pretty much can offer. However, we do specialize in a couple very distinct services we don't mind highlighting in the list below. Keep in mind though cashwe are a true multi-talented team with very diverse skills and loads of experience in the casino world - and we would love to help you succeed!

  1. Game Selection: Just like it is vital to the casino player, game selection is paramount for anyone offering casino games. Our team knows the ins-and-outs of all gaming options available and can help you find the perfect mix of games to fit your needs, your risk-level and your playerbase.

  2. Limit Selection: This sounds like a simple thing - picking the right limits, yet, allowing players to play within certain brackets is vital to any casino's success. Our team looks at your financials, your expectancy and the financials of your playerbase.

  3. Poker Room Development: We help you launch your poker room in style, and within budget. Creating a buzz is vital, and we have plenty of experience in doing so!

  4. Poker Room Management: We can help you run your poker room and even run it for you for a percentage of the net profit.

  5. Custom Poker Chip Design: We team up with some of the best chip designers in the world to bring you awesome, custom poker chips from big name brands like Paulson, Chipco or ASM.

Our expertise is not just limited to the services listed above, and chances are we have someone in our team that has the exact skillset you are looking for. So, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through e-mail if you have any questions regarding the services we offer.