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AOKI Consulting is a true gaming industry connoisseur. We can help you succeed in your gaming endeavors.
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Opening a casino? Planning on offering casino games? Starting a pokerroom at your venue?

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We guide you through the whole process of your endeavor in the gaming industry, from day 1 all the way up to your launch.

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We stay close after your launch and provide long-term support for your business to make sure your players feel at home in your casino.

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Our only goal is making sure you are able to pull off a positive ROI on all of your gaming endeavors. We are here to help you succeed.

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The Casino/Gaming Industry: How Important is it really?

The AOKI way...

We love the thrill of the gamble, and offer our clients the option of "flipping" for 25% of the bill. What this means is, if our total bill to you is €82,600.00 - we offer our clients the option of "gambling" a 50/50 shot in your casino environment for €20,650.00 with you keeping the house edge! In short: we would put €20,650.00 on black or red (in practice, we always bet black!) on the roulette wheel, or bet €20,650.00 on the "Player" in Baccarat. It's that simple. If we lose, we take €20,650.00 off the bill. If we win, we add €20,650.00 to the bill.

In short, we're giving you a little house edge on 25% of our bill. You've got to gamble to win!

Casinos can be found almost everywhere, this is true even in the United States were until recently they were illegal in most states. This is largely a reflection of the governments of the world realizing the importance of the gaming industry to the economy. They may not like gambling but they are well aware of the economic benefits that it brings.

fremont casino las vegas The casino and gaming industry is actually critically important to the world's economy. It is a huge industry that is far larger than most people would imagine. In fact it is arguably the largest entertainment industry in the world with far more being spent on gambling every year than is spent going to movies. This is why despite the fact that many governments around the world claim that they are opposed to allowing gambling they continue to allow it.

Clearly gambling is important to the economy if you look at how many people are employed in the industry. If you go to any large city these days you can almost be certain of finding a casino and this casino will usually employ hundreds if not thousands of people. Of course in some places gambling is more important to the economy than it is in others. For example it would be hard to imagine the economy of Las Vegas surviving without gambling. There are several other cities around the world of which the same thing is true. In fact one of the reasons that gambling is now possible in so many places is the huge economic benefits that the cities that allow it receive.

Of course if we just consider the people who are employed directly by the gaming industry we are seriously underestimating the economic impact that it has. Many people travel for example in order to go to casinos on their vacation. This means that gaming is also important for the airline and hotel industries as it supplies a big chunk of their business. Even the restaurants and other stores that are located in areas where gambling is allowed benefit greatly from it.

Of course one of the biggest beneficiaries of gambling in most cases is the government, this is why it is allowed in so many places even when the government official oppose gambling. In most cases casinos are required to pay additional taxes above the ones that regular businesses have to pay in order to be allowed to operate. In many countries the government owns the casinos either in full or in part and profits from them in that way. In fact there are few governments in the world that would be able to operate without the revenues that they get from casinos. Therefore it is likely that the gaming industry will be allowed to expand regardless of what the government says about it.

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